Spiral as Ritual

"Spiral as Ritual is a meditation in the way that one might think of a hurricane—sustained winds whorled around the no-place of an eye or an ‘I’ (in absentia). McIntosh identifies the formation of an individuated subject as an expression of integrating a world dominated by racist settler-colonial conditions, present and past, which produce in their wake collateral destruction.”
Joey de Jesus

"Questioning the framework of ailed and failing social architecture, Spiral as Ritual moves with the fury of crashing waves, urgency for air and for answers. Shanekia McIntosh plunges forth, fast-punching and clear in her demand for real and compassionate resolutions—not empty gestures—asking out loud and inwardly, equally, daringly; A groundswell needed / Rejecting     complacency."
S*an D. Henry-Smith

Spiral as Ritual is available to purchase online at Topos Press and in-person at Topos Bookstore in Ridgewood, NY & Spotty Dog Books & Ale in Hudson, NY.