Flow, 2023

Flow serves as a meditation on journeys, an invocation of new beginnings, present uneasiness, and hopeful futures. 

Although Flow is a completed poem, it is presented in two different locations on different mediums along the main street of Catskill, NY, to invoke a sense of journey and "passing by" for the viewer. Each setting represents a stanza, and in its specific location, it conveys a new meaning.

Flow (The Theater) Catskill Community Theater in Catskill, NY
Artwork: Hand-Painted Letters with Acrylic on Plastic

The Catskill Movie Theater, with its diverse history ranging from vaudeville and an ice rink to a movie theater and eventual reopening, holds a recurring symbolism of the number 8 and its variations in the years 1880 and 1888. It is fascinating how this history perfectly aligns with the recurring themes in my work, particularly my fascination with infinity and spirals.

Flow Gallery 495, Catskill, N
Medium: Vinyl

Work In Progress, 2023 Spring Open Studios at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York
Medium: Works on Paper, layering affichiste-esqe technique

Epitaph, 2021
Curated by Jenni Crain
Exhibited at Charim Schleifmuhlgasse, Vienna, Austria
Remounted in 2022 at Gordon Robicaux, New York City
Medium: Vinyl

Notes On The Sky, 2021 Baba Yaga Gallery, Hudson, NY
Video Installation: Digital Video and Audio Files

The Way We Seem Tonight
CollarWorks Gallery, Troy, NY, 2021
Digital Video and Audio

The Palace Theater, Albany, NY, March-April 2021
Presented by Albany Center Gallery and CollarWorks

Madison Theater, Albany, NY, March-April 2021
Presented by Albany Center Gallery and CollarWorks

"another line" January 29-31, 2021
Takk House, Troy, NY
Presented by CollarWorks Gallery Exhibition ProjectxProjectxProject

"A Poem" - January to April 2021
The 405 Project, Hudson, NY
Vinyl Panels on Storefront

“This piece, “a poem”, is taken from the poems I had written in the aftermath of this dream that so wholly invoked Babylon and Serbe to me. Adapted and edited to be used for the window, these two poems are called “The Burn” & “Paradise” respectively.”

“During COVID, I’ve considered the concept of a closed loop and spiraling more closely. It’s said that it’s important to have rituals and for quite some time mine have been spiraling and pursuing that energy into my work.”

“I thought the infinity symbol best stimulates these ideas rather than a spiral. As for why here and now in this project to manifest these ideas, I suppose just take a look around at your immediate surroundings and your community and your world.”

“Most have chosen to be in their own bubble and reality - I hope “a poem” jars you into acknowledging the collective reality and consciousness we all occupy.”

Spiral As Ritual 001
Furniture Plus, Fairview Ave., Hudson, NY, August-September 2020
Presented by The Hudson Eye Festival
LED Poem Sign Installation

Hindsight is Hindsight is
Incident Report Viewing Station Hudson, NY - Jan 2020 to May 2020
Artwork: Concrete Poem Sculptures, 
Layering affichiste-esqe technique