recent curatorial projects

Free Range is an on-going performance series co-curated with Tschabalala Self and Michael Mosby exploring the best of rap, r'n'b and deejays expanding the scope of representation in the Hudson Valley and beyond. 

2019 Art Omi Ghent, NY
performances by DonChristian, RAFiA, Joey de Jesus and deejay set by FULATHELA

2019 Half Moon Hudson Hudson, NY
performance by Abdu Ali and deejay sets by FULATHELA & DJ Shanny

2018 Art Basel  Miami, FL
with perfomance by RAFiA

2018 Half Moon Hudson Hudson, NY
performances by Ms.Boogie and Xhosa with deejay sets by Young Wavy Fox & FULATHELA

Originally inspired and named after the middle track on Max Roach’s groundbreaking 1960 record We Insist! (Freedom Now), TRIPTYCH weaves performances through the triptych of PRAYER/PROTEST/PEACE. The Spiral as Ritual. co-curated with Joey de Jesus for Basilica Soundscape Music & Arts Festival  

2019 performances by
La Tasha N. Nevada Diggs, SHYBOI, Aristilde Justine and YATTA

TRIPTYCH stages imaginations imperative to recuperating a livable planet. This year, TRIPTYCH centers Black women poets, sound artists, and djs who respectively emphasize the aural as conceptual field of lived experience. This year’s performers synthesize and remix sonic reality; they utter words vibrating their vocal cords, they weave song and digitally augment the words’ work to enact material representations that interdict the world at-large. This year’s TRIPTYCH magnifies the said word of Black women sensing through each performance a possible avenue of escape mobilized through experimental sonority.

2018 performances by
Martine Gutierrez, Bibbe Hansen, Zeelie Brown, DonChristian, Lady Moon, Davon, Joey de Jesus, B Taylor, Bill Gillim & Shanekia McIntosh

What mystical potencies does ritual performance evoke of the triptychal formation? TRIPTYCH stages a triangulation at, or toward— From three nodes, of bodies (material, sound, organic and other) that speaks to the very concept of ritual. The day of performances organizes around three nodes (shrine, movement, and plenum) crafting a conceptual constellation of sacred geometry across performances throughout the day. As a form, the triptych offers reliefs carved on three panels, three speculations imagined into image. How might recuperating a livable planet demand a re-imagination of performances of mysticism? TRIPTYCH moves beyond, approximating at a collective truth through collaborative performance. The stage is a shrine. If the universe—the turning into one—is a lie, and all of space is full, constituted by dark matter, how do things move across space?

2017 performances by
Richard Kennedy, DonChristian, Joey de Jesus, B Taylor, Otto Hauser, Tyler Wood & Shanekia McIntosh

“There was a wind--this is always the start, the breath of chaos, the mouth against another’s, the overanimate inhabiting what would otherwise remain cool to the touch, unable to rouse itself to action. I said, I might die for lack. I said, I am so contained I am the container. I said, break me. There was possibility, which was itself an action. The breeze picked up. I felt the chaff lift from the wheat. The wide expanse of me widening even still as I was shaped. Then the lip of insistence, the air moved through a hollow, over tongue and tooth. And I, now, with a mouth to speak, openly moan as chaos reshapes itself in my own form, feel myself quicken to its will, itself in my hands.”- Creation Myth, Vievee Francis.

Que’st que ce passe - (What’s going on?) : A Video Art Show
co-curated with Bianca Hildenbrand
2015 Time, Space & Limited  Hudson, NY 

with work by Maria Gysi, Luc Gut, Zia Anger, Bibbe Hansen, Nathan Corbin, Miles Pflanz &  Lena Maria Thüring

From the more tongue and cheek work of video artist Luc Gut (Switzerland) whose installation piece Reanimation, is a collection of animated GIFs being looped with original animation from films found on Zia Anger (New York) presents a 5-channel video installation on old monitors breaking up her short film I Remember Nothing, which premiered at this past spring at the 44th annual New Directors/ New Films 2015, is about a young college girl who doesn’t know she has epilepsy and is structured after five phases of a seizure. Accompanying Anger’s installation, Nathan Corbin's (Brooklyn) installation will be specific to VHS technology. In the gallery space of TSL there will be two different approaches on political representations. One is from artist Lena Maria Thüring (Switzerland) , who found political impersonators to record stump speeches based on campaign songs used by presidential candidates. As the language of popular culture is contrasted with the language of politic in Thüring's piece, Miles Pflanz’s (Brooklyn) piece Pig Story a collaboration with musician Kate Levitt to realize a scenario written by the prisoners of Lincoln Correctional Facility in NYC. The short follows two prisoners escaping a claustrophobic situation and doing everyday things prisoners long to do. The results are surreal and slapstick, evocative of the grim humor prisoners share. There will also be a short screening program in the small theater of TSL featuring the work of Maria Gysi (Switzerland), who examined the digital film production and how it promotes the intuitive work to create the unconscious in a surrealist form.


ZeroCool is an independently published freeform art + writing zine. Born out of a desire to curate a printed space of open community and experimentalism for artists + writers alike. ZeroCool includes an eclectic assortment opera review, novel excerpt, poetry, photography, paintings, drawings, and mixed media, combined into a cohesive body of work that is indeed unassuming and inviting.

Outdoor Silent Film Series
2015 August TSL Hudson, NY
with original scores by Patrick Higgins, Brian Dewan and Saviour Self. 
Featuring a wide range of known and obscure titles, every Wednesday night for the month of August attendees were treated to an outdoor presentation of movie going experience from abygone era with a more modernized experimental score.